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The best way to connect people is through stories. Through shared stories, we connect, we understand, we empathize, and we find HOPE.

Here you will find real people's lived experiences. These people volunteered to share their stories with the goal to help others understand what oftentimes is under- or misunderstood. People from all over the world with different identities and experiences will come to one place with one goal: to create hope. 

Enjoy and reach out if you would like to share your thoughts and kind words.

Reylla Santos

Reylla Santos

Immigrating while Brazilian

I was born and raised in Brazil in a middle SES family of 7 (5 children and both parents). I immigrated to the US at the age of 26, and since then I have been going through some experiences that I had no idea that would impact me as much as it has.

Cibele Haas

Cibele Haas

Quando a tristeza não queria ir embora

Sempre me considerei uma pessoa bem-humorada, alguém que conseguia ver o lado bom das coisas quase como um hábito, mas em algum momento da minha vida isso mudou. Lembro de me sentir diferente. Uma tristeza natural, que faz parte da vida, mas que acabou se prolongando mais do que era normal.


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