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I take the field of mental health very seriously. I believe that mental health is as important as, if not more than, physical health. If your body is ill and your mind is healthy then you have a chance to live a good life; but if your body is healthy but your mind is ill, then the chances are dimmed. And that is what makes me focus on quality in the work I do. 

Being an immigrant from Brazil and living in the USA since 2013, I found myself deepening my understanding of how the environment, culture, politics, society, and the world influence our mental and physical health. Therefore, my practice is guided by a social and cultural perspective where I work with my clients to transform either themselves or their environment through therapy, consultation, supervision, education, and advocacy. 


As a professional Consultant, I believe in ensuring quality of care informed by sociocultural influences, reducing barriers to mental health, and providing equitable access to services. Contact me today for an initial consultation, and find out more about how I can best help you achieve your goals.

- Reylla Santos, Ph.D., LCPC - 


Professional Affiliations

The Association of Addictions Professionals (NAADAC)                                        since 2022

Faces and Voices of Recovery                                                                                   since 2022

The Association of Black Psychologists                                                                    since 2022

American Psychological Association (APA)                                                              since 2022

Illinois Counseling Association                                                                                  since 2019

Chi Sigma Iota                                                                                                            since 2019

American Counseling Association (ACA), Division ACES and IAAOC                   since 2018

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