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The frightening freedom

This thought came after a great session with a client where the existential angst regarding freedom came to the surface. We are constantly seeking freedom and believe in the illusion of freedom when we are not incarcerated; however, there are a lot of chains that keep us from being free in the free world (and in any world to be exact). True freedom = authenticity + responsibility. When you know your purpose, you make meaning of situations that arise. However, your purpose is individualized, not universal. Nobody tells you what you are alive for, what you should value or attach your life to. Therefore, you find (or create) your purpose. Once that is found (or created) then you will see yourself making meaning of situations and making decisions is no longer that scary. If your decisions are aligned with your purpose, then you experience peace. Otherwise, you are afraid of the consequences or even afraid to make a decision because who wants to deal with a negative consequence? It may make question everything in life, including yourself and your self-worth. But when authenticity and integrity are experienced, you are not afraid of the consequences because you are fully aware of and intentional about the purpose behind your decisions. Consequently, the fear of death (the end of your existence) may be reduced due to living the best you can while you can. So, how about we face our existential fears?

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